*Mario & Luigi: Dream Team* (3DS | Guest Article By KingMadness)

[custom_author=KingMadness64] "I have a dream..." and so does Luigi. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team review (Nintendo 3DS), developed by Alpha Team, published by Nintendo In the fourth instalment in the Mario & Luigi RPG series our favorite plumber brothers venture to dreams and reality trying to stop the fierce bat king Antasma and -for

*RetroDuo Portable 2.0* (Guest Article By KewlioMZX)

[custom_author=KewlioMZX] Hey, everyone! It's Kewlio, if you don't know, and today, I'm doing something a little different. About two weeks ago, now, I decided to trade off several dusty old consoles I had, hidden in various boxes for ages, to my local video game store, and got myself an item

*Supaplex* (Atari | Amiga ST | MS-DOS)

Platforms: Amiga | Atari ST | MS-DOS Genres: Puzzle Modes: Single Player Release Date: 1991 Developer: Think!Ware Development Publisher: Dream Factory (Digital Integration) Designers: Philip Jespersen, Michael Stopp Be prepared for a journey to the faaaar past. ;D Back when I was a kid, my dad used to have

*Ghostbusters* (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive)

Platforms: Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Genres: 'Run And Gun' Modes: Single Player Release Date: 1990 Developer: Compile, SEGA Enterprises Ltd. Publisher: SEGA America # Video Content # ~ 00:31 - Intro & Story Summary ~ 01:21 - Game Features (Controls, Shops, Visuals, Enemies) ~ 02:28 - Game Advices ("What