Best / Most Memorable Moments Of *PAX East 2014*

After having written a summary of how my [trip to *PAX East 2014*] was, I really wanted to share the best moments of my trip with you as well. This little blurb will contain anything I deemed memorable and made my stay "magic". Some stuff may be overly simple and /

*PAX East 2014* – kitteh Goes West

It only took me about 3 years, but I finally made it to the US for PAX East 2014! I must say that I was pretty curious, since I had heard and seen quite a lot of things from my friends and other acquaintances, so it’s needless to mention that I

Assisting In Saving A Life

I was on the way home from the seminar I am currently going to, just like always. Since it was an incredibly cold day, being the first for this year that had frosty minus degrees, the bone-chilling air enveloped my whole face and all I wanted to do is to

How To Pass Rendering Time

Welp, since my *Animal Crossing: New Leaf* videos usually take anywhere from 5 - 8hrs to render (PER episode!), I usually like to use the time the process is busy blocking my whole computer to make some crafts or "off-screen things" (maybe we could also call them "AFK things", same

*Harvest Moon: A New Beginning* (3DS)

Let’s Play #: Text Diary (No Videos; Just Occasional Reports / Stats) Started: July 22nd 2013 # Meow Farm #Name: kittehB-Day: Winter 9Husband: Rod (Born Summer 28)Anniversary: Year 2, Spring 23Child: — # Animals #Cows~ Milky | Year 1, Spring 9 | 4 Products | Gentle | 0 Times Won |