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Welcome to your fun source for everything geeky (Anime-, TV Show-, Videogame-Inspired) and kawaii! =D You might want to follow me on one of my [social media pages], so you can always be up-to-date on new releases or sales. ^-^Strawberry Milkshake Collection | Anime / Cartoons | TV Shows |


Here you can find all the "Merch Packs" or "PAXessories" (as I call them) that I have handed out during PAX or other conventions / special events! #happy## *PAX East 2014* # There are actually some "leftovers" that I'd be willing to send out. I'd unfortunately require you guys


The following are some goodies / downloads I made for you! Please follow these rules for any of the items below: 1. Do NOT copy or trace any of my files 2. You may NOT edit or alter any of my works 3. You may NOT distribute these in any