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A Love Letter To TMG

As of right now, the news of the disbanding of TMG (The Midway Gate) has been released.

It is a video made by my great friend PraisedScooter, featuring the song from Metal Gear Solid 4 “Father and Son” by Harry Gregson-Williams and Nobuko Toda and Scooter announcing how sorry we are that we can’t fix “it” and thanking everyone of our subscribers for all the support over the months. It is not hard to hear how sad he is in his voice and to be honest, it tears me up everytime.

I’d like to take the time to write a little something about – what was once – our proud and awesome team project; us being LuckySevenDX, PraisedScooter, Thomal9 and me, FiyahKitteh.
On some old videos, we used to have PowerToMario as a guest-member, but once he had retired due to lack of time, Lucky and me had added our great friends Scooter and Thomal. Not much after that we had turned into a very kickass team, having a lot of fun and also PROVIDING a lot of fun; ending up having the probably most amazing fanbase anybody could ever want or have.

It has been an incredible ride and I’d do it all  again, if I were given the choice. Same people; same concept; I’d go for it. Unfortunately though, this is not the right time for a project such as The Midway Gate, because people change and thus priorities, the amount of available time and relationships between individuals as well.

I would like to thank both our followers / supporters, and my fellow TMG members for everything we were able to experience together for as long as it lasted. I couldn’t have asked for any better ‘fans’ and neither for a better team. It meant a lot to me personally, because for once a team project has actually worked out and for a while I had an actual family.

I thank everybody involved from the bottom of my heart for that. I am sad about having to see it go, but I know that – as of now – there is no other way. I apologize deeply to all our followers, fans, friends and also my team comrades about this somber occurrence. I really hope that I can reunite with my TMG brothers for some event or happening again sometime; though, Scooter and me will still be hanging out just as much, which is of great comfort for me personally. Still, I am deeply sorry.

Here is the last message I posted on the announcement video:
Thanks Scoots. *hugs the living crap out of you* T___T *keeps you much*
Thomal; Rucky: Merci. *hugs*
Thomal, you better show your sorry face on some of my videos every once in a while to tell me that I am racist and a spiteful jerk! ;__;
Rucky, you better keep that damn promise up and be the best freakin’ rival there is. Don’t disappoint me, bro. ._.