What Is ASMR?
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, also often referred to as “tingles”, can be caused by a person watching a video that uses certain so-called “triggers”: whispers, soft speaking, crinkles, tapping and more.

The media is usually made to be highly relaxing and can so also help with sleep-problems, anxiety, stress and a whole lot of other mental or physical issues. It can even have the effects of a Spà-Day.

Sometimes sounds are combined with special brainwave frequencies or white-noise, to induce an almost meditative state.

Personal Experiences
I stumbled over ASMR videos by accident at some point and noticed, that they really help me calm down and turning off that “head noise” I have sometimes (too many restless thoughts).

I don’t just like listening to the sounds, but also watching the visuals provided on the clips, and sometimes I will even just watch them despite not needing any calming. I’m just quite fascinated and entertained.

Some of my favorite triggers are face-brushing, doctor checkup role-plays, gaming survey role-plays, rain, soft-speaking and whispering, tapping etc. 

If you’d like to browse my favorite videos, please [click here]. I hope you enjoy! #starry#