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How To Pass Rendering Time

Welp, since my *Animal Crossing: New Leaf* videos usually take anywhere from 5 – 8hrs to render (PER episode!), I usually like to use the time the process is busy blocking my whole computer to make some crafts or “off-screen things” (maybe we could also call them “AFK things”, same thing really. #cheeky# ).
So today I decided to work on my “Halloween Collection”!

I made 3 really sweet bracelets (orange / black; purple / black; candy corn colors), as well as 3 completely new items that I have never made before (orange / black; purple / black and green / black) and it was quite a bit of fun. I also came up with another possible idea for things I can do for both, Halloween and the future in general. That’s always pretty neat. =)
I’m definitely looking forward to later, when I can make some more stuff. =D

For now I will go and watch some more videos and then go to sleep. Kuurai uploaded some good stuff again. #starry#