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Concrete Plans, Graphic Commissions And Other


I spent a bunch of time coming up with prices and features for graphics, so I can be commissioned to create works. The results can be seen under “Graphics” in the top menu.

In addition, I would like to offer my patrons a discount of 5% on any item(s) ordered from my service. The only requirement is, that you have been my patron for > 2 months; that’s it. Just my way of thanking you further for all your support, which is helping me greatly each month. 

Just last week I was able to buy 2 programs to help my work. There is a 3rd one I have an eye on, that I’ll be able to afford soon thanks to your generosity. You are really helping me a lot with your contributions.  💖 

As a general information, I would like to focus on my graphic work, while still bringing out videos on YouTube, if I am playing a game that I feel like “I should share”; along with the occasional *SMITE* video.
Once I finished with all the fixes on my website (soon), I also want to stream on twitch in a regular fashion as well and on the side, I will still make crafts for my shop. That is the plan anyway. 

In the end it may look a little something like this per week:
~ 65% Graphic Work
~ 20% Streaming
~ 15% Videos
~ Occasionally: Crafts / Articles

This would be the goal, anyway. The good thing is, that recording Let’s Plays for 1 session always gives me footage for weeks. So I think this is very realistic. I’m definitely pretty excited and I hope you are too! ^-^ 

This is it for now. Thanks for reading and once again, thanks so much for your continued support!  💖 


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