Caritas Handwork

Between March 12th and June 15th 2018 I worked for Caritas. We upcycled wood and cloth to make new and useful things people could buy.

Here is all the stuff I made. For more detail, click the pictures.

Key Rack
This was my first project at the place. It is inspired by the night sky
Door Stopper
A simple dog shape, painted in gold acrylic and with applied chain as collar
Door Stopper
Another easy dog shape, painted in bronze and black acrylic, with chain as collar
Displaying Apollo from the video game *SMITE*; made via wood print as experiment
White Board
Beautiful Gotham skyline made of wood and cardboard. Comes with little sponge!
Shoulder Massager
The “Karma Chameleon” made by squirting acrylics off of an old whisk
A kawaii little wardrobe. The feet are hooks to hang up towels or other things
Desk Organizer
A joke request from our ‘boss’, who didn’t think I’d actually make him one. xD