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Major Re-Vamp Of *Strawberry-Milkshake* =D

Ohai! #thumbsup# 

It took a while but I finally got done with the major re-vamp for my website!

We now do not only have nicer, less “over-pinked” visuals; but the site should also work on other devices (tablets, smartphones etc.) too from this moment on!
I heavily de-cluttered the navigation as well and grouped the subpages into categories that make more sense.

The plan is to offer more articles complementary to my videos on my channel, though, fair warning, I am going to focus a lot on *SMITE* for now, since I feel it is something that I want to spread and explain more, with as big of a part it plays in my life. More about the reasons, soon. #blushy# 

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the new setup. I think I can finally go back to making more videos again, as soon as my overly tense back is okay again. Working so hard and long has really left marks, but it was worth it. #tongue# 

Much #10h#