My Move To The UK | Cleaning Up | Shop Sale

‘Hayo! #happy# 

I finally finished my move to the UK, which will help me a lot with settling down and being able to work on my projects on a regular basis again! #10h# 
The last week alone I did a lot of work on that front!

I cleaned out my whole [etsy shop] and there is currently a 15% sale running until Monday, July 23rd 2018. A lot of items are going to be gone forever, so make sure you check them now to not miss any chances!

I did a little cleaning up here as well and added a [Privacy Policy], so you guys know what happens on the back-end. Some people like knowing what’s going on, so I made a rather detailed document for the sake of transparency. I hope it will serve you well!

I am honestly pretty excited that I can go back to doing things again and that I now also have a very clear line for my shop. Speaking of, you should go look at my new [Printed Media shop], since I have re-done everything on that end as well. I’ll be adding more items, but I think there is a really sweet selection on it for the time being.

Please enjoy!


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