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Possibly Working Codes For SMITE, Paladins And Hand Of The Gods

Hai! #gasp# 
I’ve only recently realized that I’ve always just given away my SMITE codes to 1 person, meaning 1 platform, so unless they didn’t use it on multiple or give it away, these should still work. Try and see if they do!

Please do not take any more if you’ve gotten a skin, so other people can get some love too, oke? #gushy# 


Amaterasu – Sun Kissed 
APASK64152F370815 | Gone on PC
APASK668F02470815 | Gone on PC

Ao Kuang – Sand Viper
APL104136CF471026 | Gone on PC / xbox
APL104755F5B71026 | Gone on PC / xbox

Ares – Abyssal Knight 
APANC404211080622 | Gone

Bellona – Defiant
APL20E22038071205 | Gone on PC

Camazotz – Xibalba’s Shadow
APCXD24AF4E080226 | Gone on PC

Cernunnos – Warden
APCW568A0D1C70721 | Gone on PC
APCW5D1C56CC70721 | Gone on PC

Chiron – Fabulous 
APFAB65EA5FE70815 | Gone on PC
APFAB673A01470815 | Gone on PC

Freya – Ordo Aurora
APFAR5D7398570721 | Gone on PC
APFAR5E5D33270721 | Gone on PC

Ganesha – Primal Shaman
APL13P079E5A71107 | Gone on PC
APL13P07BB5171107 | Gone on PC

Geb – Druid Stone 
APL17EEF30B771121 | Gone on PC

He Bo – Pixel Rush 
APL1045DD7C771026 | Gone on PC
APL104C514F471026 | Gone on PC

Hel – Order & Chaos
APHLCE16547771205 | Gone on PC

Jing Wei – Storm Raven 
APSR3C91F5C280419 | Gone on PC

Khepri – Convention 2017
APKC33E8F8E070614 | Gone on PC
APKC520FF04B70614  | Gone on PC
APKC51B288E870614 | Gone on PC

Nike – Harbringer
APNH2F62B16A80226 | Gone on PC

Ra – Beamy Chibi
APRBC61A0CAD70721 | Gone on PC / xbox
APRBC6506B0B70721 | Gone on PC

Serqet – Kunoichi
APL16EF2C7AC71121 | Gone on PC

Sol – Sweet Tooth
APSSTE06B2D980112 | Gone on PC

Xing Tian – Grove Keeper
APGK4C4F01ED80419 | Gone on PC
APXTGKE0888180112 | Gone on PC
APKC2B26A49270614 | Gone on PC

Dream Hack Codes
APDH7CCDFE4970616 | Gone on PC / xbox
APDH7CB510DD70616 | Gone on PC / xbox
APDH7CC08DFE70616 | Gone on PC / xbox

And these I am not sure what happens period, but feel free to try and see?

SMITE Trickster Adventure Bundle 

SMITE SWC 2018 Digital Loot Pack

SMITE Divine Chest Roll


Paladins Crystals
APCTC24E259871212 | Gone on xbox

Paladins Radiant Chest Roll

Paladins HRX Digital Loot Pack (xBox)

Paladins Infernal Seris

Paladins? or Hand Of The Gods? Core Packs

Hand Of The Gods

Hand Of The Gods HRX Card Back


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