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“Ratings Have Been Disabled For This Video”

That might have been the message you got, if you tried to (dis)like my videos recently and the reasons for this are simple:

1) I usually liked having the (dis)like system for extra stats, to see which series are generally liked on my channel and amongst my subscriber base.

After over a year I can safely say that I have acquired enough data to evaluate it and make (further) improvements where needed (Though, just so you know: I always immediately improve my work, if I notice something that is off). This means that – for the time being – there simply is no more need for any more stats. I am good for now and on this note thanks to everybody who provided me with said information. #victory#

2) I would like to encourage more sharing of the viewer’s thoughts again and this can not be achieved with a (dis)like. Pressing a button will not tell me, nor any of the other viewers what you thought was good or not. So I would like to ask you to leave comments whenever you can, to either give me feedback on my work (editing, audio, visuals, graphics, whatever) and / or to just tell me what you thought of the specific episode or the game thus far.

I am somebody who never “stands still” and wants to keep improving on – both – work and myself, so your input is going to be very valuable and it’s much appreciated.

Only then can I keep doing what I do and make it enjoyable for you, so – again – if you have a minute to leave a comment on my videos, please do so.
I hope this suffices as explanation for now. I apologize for any inconveniences.