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Site Clean-Up

‘Hayo! #happy# 

I’ve been taking some time to clean up my website by removing outdated blog posts; fixing a few errors in the code; improving visuals, the navigation etc.

The goal was to de-clutter and simplify things, which is why I also went through my graphic commission list and shops, to remove anything unneeded or overwhelming.
I still want to make a few more updates, but those are mostly minor things.

Once I am finished with everything, I will be focusing on my upcoming move to a new place. After settling, I’d like to go back to making some content for YouTube and Twitch again, while continuing to bring out monthly art for my patrons. That’s when I’ll also be re-vamping my main Patreon page as well, since I already tweaked the NSFW one. #victory# 

Hope you enjoy and thanks for your continued support! #heart# 

~ kitteh

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