Concrete Plans, Graphic Commissions And Other

'Hayo!  I spent a bunch of time coming up with prices and features for graphics, so I can be commissioned to create works. The results can be seen under "Graphics" in the top menu. In addition, I would like to offer my patrons a discount of 5% on any item(s) ordered from

Shop Re-Do! =D

Ohai! #thumbsup#  Just wanted to quickly say that I have re-done [the shop]. Everything is now connected to my etsy, meaning you can conveniently check-out there and you won't  need to input your details anywhere extra. I also added a ton of new items last week and some of the ones I


Welcome to your fun source for SMITE and heroes from comics / gaming / TV! =D Clicking on any item will directly take you to my [etsy store]! Accessories | Bracelets | Ear Rings, Rings | Keychains & Mobile | Necklaces | Plushies | School Supplies | Stickers, Magnets | SALE -

Sneak Peek: New Possible Shop Items? =D

Ohai! #thumbsup#  I've gotten perler beads for Christmas and promptly made some stuff over the past days. Would you guys be interested in stuff like this in my shop as magnets, ornaments, standee figurines, jewelry etc.? #starry# 

I’m Still Alive…Sort Of! xD

Ohai! #thumbsup#  It's been a huge while and honestly, I didn't mean to be gone for this long, but with 20 billion trips to various doctors, boring (but necessary) end-of-year errands and the whole "people are staying over for Christmas" circumstance, I simply didn't have time to post anything. In fact,

How To Pass Rendering Time

Welp, since my *Animal Crossing: New Leaf* videos usually take anywhere from 5 - 8hrs to render (PER episode!), I usually like to use the time the process is busy blocking my whole computer to make some crafts or "off-screen things" (maybe we could also call them "AFK things", same

Shop Newsletter

If you'd like to be updated via mail whenever there are new designs / items or if there are special sales, feel free to register for my newsletter. In case you don't want to get any messages anymore, you can unsubscribe anytime you wish, simply by entering the e-mail you