No Worries, Things Are Still Going!

'Hayo! #thumbsup#  It may have been a while since my last post, but fear not, things have kept going strong! As you probably know, I have been bringing out a *SMITE* video every Wednesday for the past weeks and I also started a Let's Play of [*HuniePop*], which is released on Mondays

Shop Re-Do! =D

Ohai! #thumbsup#  Just wanted to quickly say that I have re-done [the shop]. Everything is now connected to my etsy, meaning you can conveniently check-out there and you won't  need to input your details anywhere extra. I also added a ton of new items last week and some of the ones I

Sneak Peek: New Possible Shop Items? =D

Ohai! #thumbsup#  I've gotten perler beads for Christmas and promptly made some stuff over the past days. Would you guys be interested in stuff like this in my shop as magnets, ornaments, standee figurines, jewelry etc.? #starry# 

Christmas Is Completed! =D

Ohai! #cheeky#  My Christmas is finally complete! I received my last package (with goodies I bought for myself as a gift) today and I am pretty excited to share the pictures with you guys! #drool#  Click the thumbnails for bigger versions!   Nov 16th ~ Pokémon Plushies & Hats ~  Paragoomba