# I – Art #
#1 – Can I use Your Art For My Stuff?

Not without asking me first, unless there is a note somewhere on the picture, that says it’s free to use.

#2 – Can I Make Art With Your OC (Original Character) “FiyahKitteh” On It?

You may make fanart with my OC on it, that you can send me so I can display it on the fanart gallery on my site.
What I will NOT allow, is for you to make any art with my OC on it to sell,  claim as your own or use it in any other way.

#3 – Can You Make Me Some Art Or Help Me With It?

Yes, I can make you custom art; as long as I get something in return for my work.
If you just want me to make a tutorial, so you can make the art yourself, then let me know. I don’t charge anything for making tutorials that I can put on my channel. Just keep in mind that I might not be able to make one “immediately”.

#4a – What If I Am Just Really Uncreative?

It’s not hard, seriously. Take your favorite animal, food or thing; add a face and some other small details, and voilà.
If you REALLY can’t come up with anything at all for whatever reason, maybe it helps to think of your personality traits and to look for colors, animals, elements or whatever that represent those characteristics. For example, did you know that red means aggression, energy and love; while purple stands for spirituality and depth of the soul?
In case you need any more help with the psychology of things, feel free to leave a comment.

#4b – What If I Just Really Can’t Draw?

There are plenty of ways to make your own art. You might want to look into “pixeling” and how to make sprites (which works even on Paint!) or alternatively you can look into tutorials for the Pen Tool in Photoshop.
Don’t just steal somebody else’s work, only because you think you can’t draw. That is no excuse and especially will never hold in court. Learn how to draw, if you can’t do it; or learn how to use some of the digital tools I just mentioned. Worst comes to worst, commission an artist who creates something for you (Deviant Art is your friend).

# II – Videos #
#1 – Can I Use Your Videos Or Parts Of Them?

I don’t want you to use complete videos; so no, you can’t download and reupload them on your own or a different channel.
You CAN however take single pieces and make a “highlight video” or a “gag reel”, and if you do, please send me a link so I can have a laugh too. ;D
If you do make a little clip shop however, please don’t forget to put my channel link into your video description, to give me proper credit. If you want to be extra safe in case YouTube flags you, please apply to my [Whitelist]!

#2 – Can I Alter Your Videos?

Not if you just want to change the color, speed or whatever on a whole video, just to upload it to your channel.
If you want to alter something on a PART of my video for a “My favorite moment” clip or a parody, go ahead. And again, please send me a link so I can have a laugh as well. =P

#3 – Can I Make A Playlist On My Channel With Your LP Videos In It?

Yes you may, since you are only LINKING my videos and not actually stealing them.
To avoid confusion with your visitors though, you might want to put my name in either the playlist title or the description somewhere, so they don’t expect to see videos made by you, only to then find out that it was just linked content. =O

# III – Other #
#1 – How Do I Know Which FiyahKitteh Sites Are “Official”, And Thus Won’t Get Me In Trouble If I Take Art etc. From It, That Is Distributed As “Free”?

All the sites I have are linked on both, my website AND my YouTube channel. It’s safe to say that anything, that is not linked here or on my website, is probably not “official”.
Also, in case you do find a “fake” site, please let me know.

#2 – I Saw Person X Using A Specific Piece Of Art / Parts Of Your Video; Does That Mean I Can Just Take That Too?

No. Only because I allowed a specific person to use something I made, does not mean it’s free for the whole world. Again, please ask for your individual case (unless it is offered as “free” on my site).

#3 – Can I Make A Fanpage or Promotional Work For You / Your Art & Videos?

Yes you may. However, if you want to use specific graphics or so, please let me know beforehand.

#4 – Can I Retweet Your Tweets Or Link Any Posts You Made On Facebook, Your Site Or YouTube?

Of course! Spread them as much as you want. And you may also embed my videos on your Facebook, blog or alike!
Again, linking is not really much of a problem (only exception: direct-linking any of my graphics! Please don’t!)

Is your question not on this list? Feel free to send me a message!

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