Graphic Commissions

I am happy to announce that I now take graphic commissions! #xd# Keep reading for terms, products, prices and everything else you need!

Looking for a cross-over product, add-ons or something not on the list? Send me a message below for a customized offer! Feel free to also check my [Art Gallery] for even more samples of my work! Please send any questions / concerns to me beforehand!

#gold# Commissions are OPEN! #gold#

# How It Works #

1. Read the information on this page (terms and payment information will be displayed during the order and can be found at the very bottom)
2. Pick your desired product(s)
3. Fill out the order form and wait to hear back from me, so we can discuss any further information I may need
4. Pay the amount for your commission
5. Let me work my magic
6. I send you a draft, so I can still make small fixes, before finalizing your item(s). This is the only chance to still back out and get a 50% refund, in case you change your mind!
7. Once I finish up and hand over the graphics you requested, as described in the product descriptions below.

I would very much appreciate a [little review] of your experience with me, if you’d like to make one!

# Products #

I generally don’t have many limitations as to what I draw, but keep in mind that I prefer a more simple style and may not draw anything overly complex / detailed. I’m not a huge fan of super accurate anatomy or anything overly robot / alien / armor.

Titlecard (Twitch, YouTube) – £15.00 [ca $20.00]

1920 x 1080 Pixels | 300DPI | JPG
#emo-pensive# simple – medium background | channel name | social media info | slogan
#emo-question# Examples: [Lucky] | [Watcher’s Gift #1] | [Watcher’s Gift #2]

Twitch Panel – £3.00 [ca. $4.00]

320 x ca. 50 – 70 Pixels | 300DPI | PNG
#emo-pensive# normally simple or no background | panel name | icons if so desired
#emo-question# Examples: [FiyahKitteh (Prev)] | [FiyahKitteh] | [AlphaJackal]

Additional Twitch Panel – £1.00 [ca. $1.30]

320 x ca. 50 – 70 Pixels | 300DPI | PNG
#emo-pensive# generally simple or no background | panel name | icons if so desired
#emo-question# Examples: [FiyahKitteh (Prev)] | [FiyahKitteh] | [AlphaJackal]

Twitch Emote – £15.00 [ca. $20.00]

112 x 112 / 56 x 56 / 28 x 28 Pixels | 300DPI | PNG
#emo-pensive# visuals and / or text; but be aware that I can’t make things too detailed
#emo-question# Examples:    

Twitch Badge – £20.00 [ca. $26.40]

72 x 72 / 36 x 36 / 18 x 18 Pixels | 300DPI | PNG
#emo-pensive# clean and simple ideas; since I can’t make things too detailed
#emo-question# Example:  


Merchandise – £75.00 [ca. $98.00]

ca. 2’000 x 2’000 Pixels | 300DPI | PNG
#emo-pensive# background elements / channel name / social media info / slogan / text / a drawn character, all in color (if so desired).
The price includes unlimited commercial rights.
#emo-question# Examples: [Wapiko] | [Water Wolf]

# Your  Order #

Make sure to read the Terms Of Service, then let me know what you want. I will get back to you ASAP!

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~ Titlecard(s) à £15.00 each
~ Twitch Panel(s) à £3.00 each
~ Additional Twitch Panel(s) à £1.00 each
~ Twitch Emote(s) à £15.00 each
~ Twitch Badge(s) à £20.00 each


~ Merchandise(s) à £75.00 each

I need suggestions / ideas (e.g. for Twitch Badges) à £10.00

Detailed Description (Wished Colors, Text, Icons etc.) *

I confirm that I have read / understood the Terms Of Service and that I will abide by them!*