# I – “FiyahKitteh” #
#1 – What Is That “FiyahKitteh” And Where Did It Come From?

“FiyahKitteh” is my own Original Character (OC) and was made by me back when I changed my channel ID on YouTube, which was basically a channel relaunch, since I wanted to deactivate my previous one, that I had for a bunch of years.

#2 – Why A “FiyahKitteh”?

Because I love the element fire and I behave a lot like a kitty. I also often come across as a real-life Anime character, so that played into it as well. 

#3 – What IS The “FiyahKitteh” Exactly?

It’s a black kitty based on the element fire (thus also all my remarks about “Hell being my home”, because it is all nice, toasty and fiery down there ^p^), mixed in with some demon (see those red eyes?) and angel (the light blue “cloudy” wings).

#4 – Why Is “FiyahKitteh” Spelled So Weird?

I was trying to express my “cute side” (and the way I often talk too) by spelling it different than you normally would. The “kitteh” part is basically said like “kitty” though; only the “Fiyah” is pronounced slightly different from its original counterpart.

#5 – Why Is “Kitteh” Spelled With A Small “k” Sometimes?

I only spell “kitteh” with a capital “K”, if it is after another word and helps to make up for the non-existent space, such as in “FiyahKitteh”, so people can read it easier. If it’s just “kitteh” with nothing else though, I like spelling it with all small letters, much as I like to spell my nickname “van” all small. It just looks better, so it is basically a visual thing.

# II – “Crow Thing” #
# 1 – What’s The Deal With That Crow Thing?

The Raven-Crow on kitteh’s head is called *Gab’ri* and was basically designed by me for my recently-achieved partnership on YouTube.
Its name is made up from the last names of two of my best friends (Nima aka ThePastaKing and TinTin) and it is thus also a dedication to them, since they have played a big role in me getting partnered, because they provided a lot of “emotional support” for me.

# 2 – Why Is It Glowing Blue?

*Gab’ri* is a spirit elemental, so I figured a mysterious light blue glow would help to express that.

# 3 – I Saw It Also Has A Necklace. What’s Up With That?

The neacklace is a little accessory that I felt would look pretty nice on it.
At its end it has a star- and a moon-pendant and – if you couldn’t tell already – it is supposed to be made of plain silver.
I personally love moon- / star-shapes and they have a pretty significant meaning / role in mythology and just in connection with the spirit and emotions in general. I also wanted to point out that *Gab’ri* is definitely a very deep and intellectual being, much like the friends I based him on.

As you see – and much like with “FiyahKitteh” – most of the accessories and things on him have a specific meaning and reference either things I love and / or somehow link to my closest friends.

# III – Your “Persona” #
# 1 – Are You Really As Bubbly And Enthusiastic As You Sound On Your Videos, Or Is That All An Act?

Believe it or not, but anything you see on my videos is absolutely and 100% “me”. Nothing you see is an act.
I am as bubbly and enthusiastic as I seem and I also get as easily excited about things or laugh about the smallest little crap. #happy#

# 2 – What About The Whole “Cutsie Talking”? Do You Really Talk Like That All The Time?

I actually do, yes. I am just a person who shows her – what is widely known as “inner child” – very much. It’s actually one of the things I like about me, because I am literally very curious, open-minded, enthusiastic, bubbly and a lot like a little kitteh; catgirl; Anime chick; kid or whatever you wanna call it.
My friends often say that “I need my own Anime already”. xD

Have any more questions? Feel free to let me know! =D

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