*Animal Crossing: New Leaf* (3DS)

Let’s Play #: Diary
Released: July 14th 2013

Episodes: ?
Runtime: ??:??:??hrs
Special: [QR-Codes] | Dream Address: 4100 2352 5958

Welcome to my first ever diary series! =D

In this weekly diary I show off my personal experiences with *Animal Crossing: New Leaf* in form of a commented slideshow.

I predict that the videos might get pretty long in the beginning of the project, because there is a lot to discover and plenty going on that needs to be shown; but will eventually shorten down later on as there will be less “story progression” and more focus on “pretty-ing up” the town. #gushy#

Don’t forget to drop by my town via *Dream Suite* at 4100 2352 5958.
Please leave me your Dream Codes, so I can visit and possibly feature your towns in my series! =D

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