Assisting In Saving A Life

I was on the way home from the seminar I am currently going to, just like always. Since it was an incredibly cold day, being the first for this year that had frosty minus degrees, the bone-chilling air enveloped my whole face and all I wanted to do is to

*Pokémon Y* (3DS)

Let's Play #: Text Diary (No Videos; Just Occasional Reports / Stats) Started: November 23rd 2013 # Profile # Trainer Name: ♀kitteh Gender: Female *Nature: Quirky *Hobbies: Playing Video Games *Favorite Color: Pink *What's Important: Friendship *Wanting From Others: Feel Free To Invite Me To Something *Like About Pokémon: Raising Pokémon # Stats # Link Battles: 1 Link Battle Wins: 0 Link

How Playing *Super Mario Kart* With Your BF Can Turn Out

For those who didn't know, [Slimmie] and I played some *Super Mario Kart* for his channel, since he was doing a playthrough and wanted to show off the "Battle Mode", which needs 2 players. He always had a lot of fun playing with me and also likes that I am actually

“Ratings Have Been Disabled For This Video”

That might have been the message you got, if you tried to (dis)like my videos recently and the reasons for this are simple: 1) I usually liked having the (dis)like system for extra stats, to see which series are generally liked on my channel and amongst my subscriber base. After over a

*Nintendo Direct* (August 7th 2013)

So I was sitting on my bed and looking through my 3DS eShop, until I suddenly saw a *Nintendo Direct* video. It was marked as 'New' and since I had plenty of time to kill AND I was also absolutely thrilled about watching something on my new handheld console, I

*Harvest Moon: A New Beginning* (3DS)

Let’s Play #: Text Diary (No Videos; Just Occasional Reports / Stats) Started: July 22nd 2013 # Meow Farm #Name: kittehB-Day: Winter 9Husband: Rod (Born Summer 28)Anniversary: Year 2, Spring 23Child: — # Animals #Cows~ Milky | Year 1, Spring 9 | 4 Products | Gentle | 0 Times Won |

*Animal Crossing: New Leaf* (3DS)

Let's Play #: Diary Released: July 14th 2013 Episodes: ? Runtime: ??:??:??hrs Guests: - Special: [QR-Codes] | Dream Address: 4100 2352 5958 Welcome to my first ever diary series! =D In this weekly diary I show off my personal experiences with *Animal Crossing: New Leaf* in form of a commented slideshow. I predict that

*E3 2013* Talks (ft. SlimKirby)

Released: June 13th 2013 Episodes: 4 Runtime: 51:13mins | 55:34mins | 48:16mins | 39:00mins Guests: SlimKirby [SlimKirby] and I cover the contents of this year's E3 and tell you what we think, as well as how we perceived each company. Enjoy! #cheeky# httpvp:// # Game Lists # # Microsoft # [spoiler]~ Metal Gear Solid -


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