*Pokémon Y* (3DS)

Let's Play #: Text Diary (No Videos; Just Occasional Reports / Stats) Started: November 23rd 2013 # Profile # Trainer Name: ♀kitteh Gender: Female *Nature: Quirky *Hobbies: Playing Video Games *Favorite Color: Pink *What's Important: Friendship *Wanting From Others: Feel Free To Invite Me To Something *Like About Pokémon: Raising Pokémon # Stats # Link Battles: 1 Link Battle Wins: 0 Link

*Harvest Moon: A New Beginning* (3DS)

Let’s Play #: Text Diary (No Videos; Just Occasional Reports / Stats) Started: July 22nd 2013 # Meow Farm #Name: kittehB-Day: Winter 9Husband: Rod (Born Summer 28)Anniversary: Year 2, Spring 23Child: — # Animals #Cows~ Milky | Year 1, Spring 9 | 4 Products | Gentle | 0 Times Won |

*Animal Crossing: New Leaf* (3DS)

Let's Play #: Diary Released: July 14th 2013 Episodes: ? Runtime: ??:??:??hrs Guests: - Special: [QR-Codes] | Dream Address: 4100 2352 5958 Welcome to my first ever diary series! =D In this weekly diary I show off my personal experiences with *Animal Crossing: New Leaf* in form of a commented slideshow. I predict that

FAQ: Characters And Personas

# I - "FiyahKitteh" # #1 - What Is That "FiyahKitteh" And Where Did It Come From? "FiyahKitteh" is my own Original Character (OC) and was made by me back when I changed my channel ID on YouTube, which was basically a channel relaunch, since I wanted to deactivate my


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