*Smitten* Joins Our Ranks!

Please help us welcome PARADIGM’s first official SMITE Community Streamer, the lovely Smitten! “I’m looking forward to being part of the organization and plan on running community tournaments”, Baily (her real-life name) says. “I am also going to be starting up my bronze league braveheart series again, which focuses on lower

*Nintendo Direct* (August 7th 2013)

So I was sitting on my bed and looking through my 3DS eShop, until I suddenly saw a *Nintendo Direct* video. It was marked as 'New' and since I had plenty of time to kill AND I was also absolutely thrilled about watching something on my new handheld console, I

Ohayo Gozaimasu! =D

'Hayo! My name is kitteh and I am the owner of this little site!It is mostly based on my YouTube channel, where I release videos of *SMITE* and other video game content, but it is also a place that hosts all my other passions.I want to share my works