*Hatoful Boyfriend* (PC)

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted as the only human student at the prestigious St. PigeoNation’s Institute, a school for talented birds! Roam the halls and find love in between classes as a sophomore student at the world’s greatest pigeon high school. [Source: Steam] Back To Selection

*HunieCam Studio* (PC)

Platforms: PC Genres: Simulation Modes: Single Player Release Date: April 4th 2016 Developer: HuniePot Publisher: HuniePot In HunieCam Studio players take control of a sleazy cam girl operation. Rake in stacks of filthy internet money and attract as many disgusting fans as you can in this fast paced, click happy and thoroughly

Christmas Is Completed! =D

Ohai! #cheeky#  My Christmas is finally complete! I received my last package (with goodies I bought for myself as a gift) today and I am pretty excited to share the pictures with you guys! #drool#  Click the thumbnails for bigger versions!   Nov 16th ~ Pokémon Plushies & Hats ~  Paragoomba

*100% Orange Juice* (PC)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to mix *Mario Party* with *Fortune Street*, a Japanese RPG and a TCG? The answer to it is *100% Orange Juice* and it is guaranteed to come with a lot of vitamins, as well as evil OP seagulls; FOE bosses; catchy

*Danny Phantom – The Ultimate Enemy* (GBA)

Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy is a video game for the Game Boy Advance console. It is based on the episode "The Ultimate Enemy" from the television series "Danny Phantom" and is the first video game for the series. Players play the role of Danny Phantom in his adventure to

Voice Acting

I did voice acting for the following projects / videos: Anime # Sailor Moon # ~ *Sailor Jupiter* - Fan-Animation "Supreme Armor Up" ~ *Sailor Mars* - Fan-Animation "Supreme Armor Up"

*Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue* (GBA)

The game involves an extensive plot. One day while playing outside, Bijou witnesses a great rainbow. The rainbow disappears and Prince Bo falls to the ground. He states that he can make rainbows by using his umbrella. He tries to prove it to disbelieving Stan and the rest of the

*Panic In Nakayoshi World* (SNES)

This title is about monsters that are attacking the World of Nakayoshi. The monsters are eating up the citizens. The more they eat, the hungrier they get. Four (magical) girls must stop the monsters and defeat Daima to save the World of Nakayoshi. The game is an overhead Adventures of Lolo-style