Fan-Art Gallery

These are fan-art or gifts made FOR me by others. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I LOVE THEM A LOT! # FiyahKitteh Fanart # # SlimKitteh Fanart # Art featuring SlimKirby x FiyahKitteh     Please send your fan-art to

FAQ: Copyright / Usage (Art, Videos, Other)

# I – Art # #1 – Can I use Your Art For My Stuff? Not without , unless there is a note somewhere on the picture, that says it’s free to use. #2 – Can I Make Art With Your OC (Original Character) “FiyahKitteh” On It? You may make fanart with my OC on […]

Art Gallery

Here are the designs I have made so far; whether directly on the computer or “by hand” (pencil and paper). Please make sure to respect any DO’s and DONTs displayed under each gallery name and on the pictures themselves. Thank you!   # FiyahKitteh Originals # Original Art by me for my OC “FiyahKitteh”. You […]