*Super Mario Kart* (SNES)

What happens if a bunch of the most popular Nintendo characters race each other? Super Mario Kart! =D Let's see who will be the fastest and best, as we drive through some of our favorite Mario-verse places! Back To Selection

*E3 2015* Live Reactions

Released: June 21st 2015 Episodes: 1 Runtime: 32:20mins Guests: - See my live reaction to Nintendo's reveals at *E3 2015* and an in-depth opinion / analysis of the company's evolution as a whole over the past year

*Kirby’s Dreamland* (GB)

The gluttonous King Dedede has stolen all of the food from the inhabitants of Dream Land for a midnight feast, so Kirby, a resident of Dream Land, goes to retrieve the food and stop Dedede. [Source: Wikipedia] Back To Selection

*Tomodachi Life* (3DS)

Ever tried imagining *Animal Crossing* and *Sims 4* meshed-up? I am pretty sure that THIS is what would come out! Enjoy the tales of my friends and me on this happy little island...or maybe, it isn't always as cheerful as it sounds? Back To Selection

*E3 2014* Talks (ft. PowerToMario, SlimKirby, ThePastaKing)

Released: June 16th 2014 Episodes: 9 Runtime: 45:36mins / 41:24mins | 60:00:28mins | 39:44mins | 59:47mins / 57:27mins | 44:05mins / 48:20mins / 51:25mins Guests: PowerToMario | SlimKirby | ThePastaKing [SlimKirby] and I cover the contents of this year's E3 and tell you what we think, as well as how we perceived

*Double Dragon* (NES)

Double Dragon is the story of Billy and Jimmy Lee, twin brothers who learned to fight on the cold, tough streets of the city. Their expert knowledge of the martial arts combined with their street smarts, has made them both formidable fighting machines. But now Billy is faced with his greatest

Nintendo Girls Club…So?

I was just tagged in a post on Facebook, where I was basically asked about my opinion on the [Nintendo Girls Club], because apparently it created some issues with girls (and guys) from allover the world and how it is "sexist". Here's what I have to say about it: You know

*Mario Party* (N64)

Consisting of 56 mini games (plus 3 hidden single player mini games), Mario Party takes the form of a traditional board game, with players taking turns to roll (hit) the dice block and move ahead the number of spaces shown ranging from one to ten. There are many different types

*Pokémon Y* (3DS)

Let's Play #: Text Diary (No Videos; Just Occasional Reports / Stats) Started: November 23rd 2013 # Profile # Trainer Name: ♀ kitteh Gender: Female *Nature: Quirky *Hobbies: Playing Video Games *Favorite Color: Pink *What's Important: Friendship *Wanting From Others: Feel Free To Invite Me To Something *Like About Pokémon: Raising Pokémon # Stats # Link Battles: 1 Link Battle Wins: