Trips – Conventions: *PAX East 2014*

Here are a few pictures I took. Please note that they are from the hotel and my friends *Slim*, *Tommy* and *Nima* only. I have photos of some cosplays and things from the actual convention, but I can’t say when or if I am going to upload them yet. I’m sorry for any inconveniences! # […]

Photo Galleries

I like taking pictures and sharing them with you guys! So this is where you will find photos of trips, conventions or anything else that I want to remember with you! # Trips # # Conventions # ~ *PAX East 2014* # General # ~ Indiana, USA (April 2014)


Here you can find all the “Merch Packs” or “PAXessories” (as I call them) that I have handed out during PAX or other conventions / special events! # *PAX East 2014* #