Trips – General: Indiana, USA (April 2014)

*Slim* and I felt like taking stupid selfies and making fun of some classical faces / poses. We may or may not also have made fun of our group’s “Poland Spring” running gag.  # Stupid, Silly Selfies # I guess we were bored? *lol* And here some of Slim’s solo-efforts!  Back To Gallery Selection

Trips – Conventions: *PAX East 2014*

Here are a few pictures I took. Please note that they are from the hotel and my friends *Slim*, *Tommy* and *Nima* only. I have photos of some cosplays and things from the actual convention, but I can’t say when or if I am going to upload them yet. I’m sorry for any inconveniences! # […]

Photo Galleries

I like taking pictures and sharing them with you guys! So this is where you will find photos of trips, conventions or anything else that I want to remember with you! # Trips # # Conventions # ~ *PAX East 2014* # General # ~ Indiana, USA (April 2014)

FAQ: Characters And Personas

# I – “FiyahKitteh” # #1 – What Is That “FiyahKitteh” And Where Did It Come From? “FiyahKitteh” is my own Original Character (OC) and was made by me back when I changed my channel ID on YouTube, which was basically a channel relaunch, since I wanted to deactivate my previous one, that I had […]