*Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue* (GBA)

The game involves an extensive plot. One day while playing outside, Bijou witnesses a great rainbow. The rainbow disappears and Prince Bo falls to the ground. He states that he can make rainbows by using his umbrella. He tries to prove it to disbelieving Stan and the rest of the

*Looney Tunes* (GBC)

The Looney Tunes have been a staple of popular culture since the 1940s. Now, they have come to the Game Boy Color. You must navigate through seven stages that are reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons. In each of the levels you must help a different character get through a tough


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*Worms Reloaded* (PC)

Worms: Reloaded is a turn based artillery game, in which players command a team of up to four worms; during each turn the player controls a single one of his or her worms. In the standard gameplay, the objective is to eliminate all enemy worms and be the last team

A Love Letter To TMG

As of right now, the news of the disbanding of TMG (The Midway Gate) has been released. It is a video made by my great friend PraisedScooter, featuring the song from Metal Gear Solid 4 "Father and Son" by Harry Gregson-Williams and Nobuko Toda and Scooter announcing how sorry we are

*Pokémon Red* (GBC)

The player controls the main character from an overhead perspective and navigates him throughout the fictional region of Kanto in a quest to master Pokémon battling. The goal of the games is to become the champion of the region by defeating the eight Gym Leaders, allowing access to the top four

*Panic In Nakayoshi World* (SNES)

This title is about monsters that are attacking the World of Nakayoshi. The monsters are eating up the citizens. The more they eat, the hungrier they get. Four (magical) girls must stop the monsters and defeat Daima to save the World of Nakayoshi. The game is an overhead Adventures of Lolo-style