*Rakuen* (PC)

A hospitalized Boy comes to terms with his own story by traveling to a beautiful fantasy world with his Mom; ultimately helping his fellow patients to find closure, by walking a mile in their shoes. [Source: Steam] Back To Selection

*100% Orange Juice* (PC)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to mix *Mario Party* with *Fortune Street*, a Japanese RPG and a TCG? The answer to it is *100% Orange Juice* and it is guaranteed to come with a lot of vitamins, as well as evil OP seagulls; FOE bosses; catchy

*Pixel Piracy* (PC)

Pixel Piracy is a side-scrolling 2d, real time strategy/sandbox/simulation game, in which the player controls the crew of a pirate ship. He must sail over a number of sea zones, each with procedurally generated events  in a roguelike fashion, while facing against pirates and other hostile forces; recruiting new crew

*Danny Phantom – The Ultimate Enemy* (GBA)

Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy is a video game for the Game Boy Advance console. It is based on the episode "The Ultimate Enemy" from the television series "Danny Phantom" and is the first video game for the series. Players play the role of Danny Phantom in his adventure to

*Mario & Luigi: Dream Team* (3DS | Guest Article By KingMadness)

[custom_author=KingMadness64] "I have a dream..." and so does Luigi. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team review (Nintendo 3DS), developed by Alpha Team, published by Nintendo In the fourth instalment in the Mario & Luigi RPG series our favorite plumber brothers venture to dreams and reality trying to stop the fierce bat king Antasma and -for

*Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana* (PS2)

The Atelier series of games focuses around the use of alchemy. Players control the game's character, roaming the game world to collect objects to use in alchemy recipes to create new objects, including cooking ingredients, recovery items, tools, weapons, armor, and accessories. The games' stories are typically light-hearted and humorous, often