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Site Clean-Up

‘Hayo!   I’ve been taking some time to clean up my website by removing outdated blog posts; fixing a few errors in the code; improving visuals, the navigation etc. The goal was to de-clutter and simplify things, which is why I also went through my graphic commission list and shops, to remove anything unneeded or […]


My tutorial videos about different software and techniques # Tutorials # # LPing # ~ Let’s Play Help Desk #A – Perfect First Impressions ~ Let’s Play Help Desk #B – Working The Magic ~ Let’s Play Help Desk #C – Lifting The Grey Veil ~ How To YouTube: Video Titles ~ How To YouTube: […]

FAQ: Copyright / Usage (Art, Videos, Other)

# I – Art # #1 – Can I use Your Art For My Stuff? Not without , unless there is a note somewhere on the picture, that says it’s free to use. #2 – Can I Make Art With Your OC (Original Character) “FiyahKitteh” On It? You may make fanart with my OC on […]