Sneak Peek: New Possible Shop Items? =D

Ohai! #thumbsup#  I've gotten perler beads for Christmas and promptly made some stuff over the past days. Would you guys be interested in stuff like this in my shop as magnets, ornaments, standee figurines, jewelry etc.? #starry# 

*Battle And Brew* Sponsorship

We are excited to announce our first partner and headline sponsor, Atlanta’s first Game Bar, the Battle And Brew! Doctor Who, Star Wars, Hearthstone, Harry Potter…they have it all! Be it tournaments, season finale watching, themed cosplay events or simply just good food and video games! We ourselves are so taken with

Team SoloMid: The Phoenix Rises Again

While for most of us SMITE players "God" references one of the many playable characters in-game, the word has recently been used more and more to describe Evan "Snoopy" Jones from "Team SoloMid" in the SPL (SMITE Pro-League) Fall Split 2015. Specifically casters such as Brandon "DMBrandon" Nance, Graham "Hinduman" Hadfield

*PAX East 2014* – kitteh Goes West

It only took me about 3 years, but I finally made it to the US for PAX East 2014! I must say that I was pretty curious, since I had heard and seen quite a lot of things from my friends and other acquaintances, so it’s needless to mention that I

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My videogame reviews, -guides and -articles# General # ~ The Bias Towards Gamer Girls ~ Nintendo Girls Club...So? (Blurb) ~ Recent Shooting Massacre In Connecticut Caused By Videogame Consumption ~ The Influence Of Games On Our Visual Health# Reviews # ~ *DmC: Devil May Cry* /