How Playing *Super Mario Kart* With Your BF Can Turn Out

For those who didn’t know, [Slimmie] and I played some *Super Mario Kart* for his channel, since he was doing a playthrough and wanted to show off the “Battle Mode”, which needs 2 players.
He always had a lot of fun playing with me and also likes that I am actually able to keep up with him in terms of competition; not to mention that he doesn’t have to hold back around me (if anything, if he ever dares, I would whoop his behind).
It seemed like the most logical and natural thing, that he’d play with me.

We played and recorded and I knew that what could possibly tick a few people off, would be the few references to [Kuurai] and [Pewds] I made. It wasn’t planned and it’s just how I was wired that day, even more so since recently I have been enjoying a lot of videos from both of them. What actually ended up happening during the day of release though, were single individuals getting majorly upset about the fact that “of all people he could have picked, Slim was playing with me”. That was a direct quote. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, normally I wouldn’t really think much of it (as in: I am really not overly sensitive or anything), except that due to my Aspi-ness and especially recently, I really have had quite a hard time with people already (I still have a lot to learn).
I like being friends with people or at the very least friendly, so the concept of people disliking or even hating me for no real or apparent reason is just always very crushing to me. I could also mention the fact that people really shouldn’t feel like they OWN the Let’s Player or content creator and also shouldn’t be butthurt or complaining if said individual wants to bring in guests of his choosing which – since it’s his channel – is totally legit; but even outside of that, it just struck me quite a bit that the message was “Oh my god. You could have had anybody and I would have been fine with it. But not HER”.

I tried to understand what issues people could be having and there was an individual who said that “Slim and I always hang out”. Despite that not being anybody’s business to begin with; it is also just simply not true. This is the very first video I have been on of his, and he has over 2’000 of them. So that doesn’t even make any sense.
Whenever we do make co-op videos, they all go up on my channel, exactly so I am NOT “allover his channel all the time”. In fact, the past few weeks I had only one series that was “just me” on my account and that is not even a main project; it’s just a little side-thing (*Animal Crossing: New Leaf* Diary), so if anybody would at least have some sort of a right to complain, it would be MY subscribers (due to lack of “own” content).

Luckily, as the day kept progressing, more and more people showed up who didn’t really mind me being on Slim’s video and providing some additional laughs and helping show his loose side, that – by the way – a lot of people kept requesting, since there have been instances where he sounded almost depressed on his own videos.
At this point, I would like to thank everybody who was supportive, neutral or respectful and I am glad that I was given a chance. I even made a new friend (a fellow Aspi! =D), which was great.

People don’t need to love me, but they at least shouldn’t hate for no reason, just because they had a bad day. I understand it’s somewhat of an unrealistic utopia, but I at least wanted to have expressed it.

Much #heart# and thankies


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3 Replies to “How Playing *Super Mario Kart* With Your BF Can Turn Out”

  1. some people on youtube are just rather stupid, don’t pay attention to these people. you and slimmy were great entertainment and I hope you two do more videos together soon. :)

  2. You shouldn’t worry about it. Nearly 1 tenth of a million people love you and Slim, 10 people isn’t a big enough majority to decide anything. Anyway, I really enjoyed the video. Anyways, Like a year ago my account was banjacked by a guy that knew my password, did he sign me up for some 1up galaxy thing or something like that? It says it in my sent messages. I just got my account back and all. He sent messages to slimkirby about my family dying and wishing for weird things and all. :

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