*HuniePop* (PC)

After failing horribly to talk to girls, the Love Fairy Kyu feels that it’s her duty to help us out. Let’s get some babes laid on this awesome Dating Sim with Puzzle-mechanics! =D

Important Note: Due to the sexual content, I am hosting these videos on YouPorn. I would recommend watching them here directly, since you won’t have to deal with bazillions of ads and pop-ups. 

By clicking on an episode below, an internal pop-up will open, containing the video and also letting you watch the videos in almost full-screen. I picked this solution, since clicking on “Fullscreen” on the videos itself, will take you directly to YouPorn. If you don’t mind being brought there, go for it, but if you’d like to browse the series comfortably and without extra baggage, I recommend using the system I provided.
I’m sorry it has to be this complex. Please do let me know if you have any issues. #heart# 

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Episode 6 | Episode 7Episode 8 | Episode 9 | Episode 10 | Episode 11
Episode 12 | Episode 13Episode 14 | Episode 15 | Episode 16 | Episode 17
Episode 18 | Episode 19Episode 20 | Episode 21 | Episode 22 | Episode 23

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