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You know how there is this wide variety of lore on all these different Gods allover the world? Well, that’s where SMITE comes in.

HiRez’s SMITE is a very unique MOBA (if you have ever seen “DOTA2” or “League Of Legends”, you know what that is) for the PC, where you take on the role of one of above-mentioned Deities and battle the ever living Hell out of other people.

What makes the game so special, is that it works with a 3rd person view, has very easy-on-the-eyes Unreal Engine 3 3D graphics and – unlike most other games from the same niche – also offers a huge variety in terms of game modes:

Arena (5v5) – Welcome To The Roman Colosseum!
The “timer” in this mode consists of 500 tickets per team, that will go down by ending a God’s life or escorting little minion waves and towers (One spawns per 10 enemy God kills) from your base to the enemy portal. It’s fighting at its most simple and pure (and I highly recommend the mode after a stressful day or event ^p^).

 Assault (5v5) – Don’t Be a Push-Over!
You’ll play one a single lane, get a random God, will not be able to go back to your base for healing or item-buying (unless you die) and have to push through two enemy towers and a Phoenix, before you can then take out their Titan.

Getting a character you are not good with may sound bad at first, but given that the enemy team has the same handicap, it could also be your luck…

 Joust (3v3) – Taking Some Strolls On The Side!
Your defense will consist of one tower, one Phoenix and a Titan on this one-lane classic. Watch out though, some enemies may hide in the two Jungle lanes on the side, either trying to get some buffs or simply waiting for a good chance to ambush you…

Siege (4v4) – Fighting For Special Objectives!
With two lanes and a huge jungle (that houses a wild Juggernaut Monster) in between them, Siege is a great competitive mode in terms of speed and getting to afore-mentioned creature first.

Every 100 tickets or after defeating the wild Juggernaut, one of your two lanes will spawn a special tower to help you push objectives (two towers and a Phoenix on each side). Better start warding the middle!

Conquest (5v5) – Three Lanes And A Lot Of Hiding Space!
‘Left’, ‘Middle’, ‘Right’ and a lot of Jungle embedded into the beautiful scenery of the Olympus. But don’t let its beauty fool you! Getting ahead in levels, farm and gold will be crucial to whether you win or lose this highly strategic mode, so make sure the beach-view won’t distract you too much…

Mode Of The Day (MOTD) – Variety Is The Spice Of Life
Anything goes in this daily changing mode. You may play alone one and then with 5 people the next day. There could suddenly be 80% cooldown on your abilities or maybe you’ll have to face the laser show of 5 enemy Ras. One thing is always guaranteed: It will be tons of whacky fun.

To top it all off, HiRez holds a lot of events with special sales for skins, voice packs etc. and often likes to reward the players with extra Favor (in-game currency), Gems (purchasable currency to acquire ‘eye-candy’), EXP or other fun things.

New Gods, fixes, re-hauls of maps etc. come out every month and can be tested on the PTS (Public Test Server) beforehand, where HiRez gathers some more feedback before releasing the new contents. Though, they are very approachable for feedback in general and provide a forum and a subreddit for exchange, as well as twitch streams, twitter-accounts and more.

The HiRez crew had also been working on a FREE Xbox One version, which was successfully showcased at PAX East 2015 in Boston. The game is thus now available on PC, Xbox One and since September 2015 even on Steam.

Download-Link, in case you’re interested, is [here]!