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Various *SMITE* matches, coaching videos or ways to play the game like it was never really meant to   # Single Matches # # Coaching # # *SMITE* With A Twist #


Here are some free graphics you can use on your streams, blogs or sites   Rules: Do NOT claim them as your own, sell or distribute them in any way. Additionally, don’t forget to link to my site if you use them! # *SMITE* # Here are some tags you can put as a stream […]

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An Introduction To The *SMITE* Pro-League (SPL) – Season 4

As a fellow SMITE player, you have probably already stumbled all over the icons, wards, skins and even frames dedicated to the “SPL”, short for “SMITE Pro-League”. What started out in 2014 with the “TSM Apollo” skin as a tribute to Team SoloMid’s “SMITE Launch Tournament” win, has quickly been growing and achieving big popularity, […]

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SMITE: AlphaJackal And KaLaS Talk About Their Team’s Plans For Season 4

  With barely two weeks into Season 4, our SMITE team qualified for the SPL (SMITE Pro-League) on February 11th. Today I am joined by coach Andy ‘AlphaJackal’ Barlow and Captain / Support Petar ‘KaLaS’ Matejić, to discuss their plans and thoughts for the upcoming season. First of all, congratulations for qualifying for this year’s […]