*SMITE* S3 (2016 – 2017)

I spent a lot of time trying to learn new Gods and just getting better in general during S3. It was quite a rough time, since I had some major mechanical issues, but in the end I think I did okay. #gasp#  Back To Selection

*SMITE* Videos

Various *SMITE* matches, coaching videos or ways to play the game like it was never really meant to #xd#  # Single Matches # # Coaching # # *SMITE* With A Twist #


Here are some free graphics you can use on your streams, blogs or sites #happy#  Rules: Do NOT claim them as your own, sell or distribute them in any way. Additionally, don't forget to link to my site if you use them! # *SMITE* # Here are some tags you can put as

First Graphic Freebies!

'Hayo! I am super excited to share something, I've thought of a while ago and really wanted to add to my site: [graphic freebies]! #starry#  Every so often I'll be making works, that you can get for absolutely nothing! The only things you have to do in order to use them,

Concrete Plans, Graphic Commissions And Other

'Hayo!  I spent a bunch of time coming up with prices and features for graphics, so I can be commissioned to create works. The results can be seen under "Graphics" in the top menu. In addition, I would like to offer my patrons a discount of 5% on any item(s) ordered from

*SMITE* S4 (2017 – 2018)

I haven't made an awful lot of videos for this season, but I still do have a whole bunch of footage. I think I'll edit and upload them, just so I can have more matches to compare to and share some more of my progress. #starry#  Back To Selection

Team-Goals For 2017

  With our constant goal of "becoming the best at what we do" in mind and the new year being only a few weeks old, we'd like to share what each of our teams wants to achieve in 2017! Andy 'AlphaJackal' Barlow, our SMITE Coach, is shooting all the way to

*PARADIGM* VS *The Leftovers* – *Spring Split 2016*

Game 1 – Quick-Recap Bans   First Blood 0:16 – Xaliea on Jungler First Gold Fury – First Tower 12:44 – PDG (1-8) First Fire Giant – First Phoenix – Total Game Time 13:17 (Surrender by The Leftovers) Game 2 – Quick-Recap Bans     First Blood 0:50 – Xaliea on Nika First Gold Fury 9:32 –