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This is where you can view and acquire some of my previously done adult works. Viewer’s discretion advised! The paid downloads contain the uncensored version of an image and are for PRIVATE USE only. Do NOT repost or share in any way!

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Various *SMITE* matches, coaching videos or ways to play the game like it was never really meant to   # Single Matches # # Coaching # # *SMITE* With A Twist #


Here are some free graphics you can use on your streams, blogs or sites   Rules: Do NOT claim them as your own, sell or distribute them in any way. Additionally, don’t forget to link to my site if you use them! # *SMITE* # Here are some tags you can put as a stream […]

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An Introduction To The *SMITE* Pro-League (SPL) – Season 4

As a fellow SMITE player, you have probably already stumbled all over the icons, wards, skins and even frames dedicated to the “SPL”, short for “SMITE Pro-League”. What started out in 2014 with the “TSM Apollo” skin as a tribute to Team SoloMid’s “SMITE Launch Tournament” win, has quickly been growing and achieving big popularity, […]

- All entries - *SMITE* SPL Writings

SMITE: AlphaJackal And KaLaS Talk About Their Team’s Plans For Season 4

  With barely two weeks into Season 4, our SMITE team qualified for the SPL (SMITE Pro-League) on February 11th. Today I am joined by coach Andy ‘AlphaJackal’ Barlow and Captain / Support Petar ‘KaLaS’ Matejić, to discuss their plans and thoughts for the upcoming season. First of all, congratulations for qualifying for this year’s […]