Team-Goals For 2017


With our constant goal of “becoming the best at what we do” in mind and the new year being only a few weeks old, we’d like to share what each of our teams wants to achieve in 2017!

Andy ‘AlphaJackal’ Barlow,
our SMITE Coach, is shooting all the way to the stars and would like to make the team a household name in the SMITE scene, by making it all the way through the “SMITE World Championship” (SWC)

Thibaud Gounod, better known as our Call Of Duty Captain ‘Stan’, wants to show consistency by him and his team performing well at every event they attend under CycloneGG over the next 11 months.

‘Appa’ (Jeff Clark) has a couple of results in mind for Hearthstone.
He is going to work towards finishing in the Top 100 NA list for every season and competing in Open Cups frequently as well, so he can get a chance at qualifying for Spring and Summer Prelims. In addition, Jeff also plans to travel to and compete at every North American Dreamhack event.

Our highly motivated Paladins Coach Salah ‘Smusa’ Barakat reveals that he believes firmly in himself and his team, since they came into the scene from the bottom of the pack, but have been taking everything by storm and so they desire to always look for new things to achieve!

Last but not least, Rasmus Ekström (Foxiz) wants him and his Overwatch team to win a few more tournaments, hopefully with a coach they can improve their gameplay with a lot more. He believes that the new meta will benefit them all a lot too!

As you see there is a lot of exciting stuff in store for all our members and we hope you stay tuned for it all by following us on twitterTwitch and YouTube!

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