*Harvest Moon: A New Beginning* (3DS)

Let’s Play #: Text Diary (No Videos; Just Occasional Reports / Stats)
Started: July 22nd 2013

# Meow Farm #
B-Day: Winter 9

Rod (Born Summer 28)
Anniversary: Year 2, Spring 23

# Animals #
~ Milky | Year 1, Spring 9 | 4 Products | Gentle | 0 Times Won |
— Named After ‘Milky Way’ Candy
~ Cotton | Year 1, Summer 9 | 4 Products | Frisky | 0 Times Won |  
— Named After ‘Cotton Candy’

~ Benji | Year 1, Spring 26 | 4 Products | Gentle | 0 Times Won |
— Named After My Buddy KingMadness64
~ Kyo | Year 1, Summer 28 | 3 Products | Skittish| 0 Times Won |
— Named After My Friend KyojiK
~ Thomal | Year 1, Summer 28 | 3 Products | Gentle | 0 Times Won |
— Named After My Friend Thomal9
~ Tommy | Year 1, Fall 26 | 2 Products | Gentle | 0 Times Won |
— Named After My Friend PowerToMario

~ Berry | Year 1, Fall 6 | 3 Products | Skittish | 0 Times Won |
— Named After Fruit (Strawberry)
~ Cherry | Year 1, Fall 6 | 3 Products | Skittish | 0 Times Won | <img src="http://strawberry-milkshake.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/i_hmluv.png" alt="" width="12" oakley outlet height=”11″ />
— Named After Fruit

~ Rain | Year 1, Fall 27 | 2 Products | Frisky | 0 Times Wholesale China Jerseys Won |
— Named After Some Of My Other Favorite Stuff

~ Fiyah | Year 1, Fall 18 |
— Named After Myself

~ Surimi | Year 1, Fall 18 |
— Named After My BF SlimKirby

# Festival Results #
Year 1
~ 1st Cow Festival (Summer): 2nd place
~ 1st Crop Festival (Summer): 1st place

~ 1st Gardening Tour (Fall): 2128G | #emo-pensive# rating (“moderate garden”)
~ 1st Chicken Festival (Fall): 2nd place
~ 2nd Crop Festival (Fall): 1st place

~ 2nd Gardening Tour (Winter): 0G | #emo-annoyed# rating (“bad garden”)
~ 1st Sheep Festival (Winter): 2nd
~ 3rd Crop Festival (Winter): 1st (Intermediate)

Year 2
~ 3rd Gardening Tour (Spring): 2180G | #emo-heart# rating (“good garden”)

# Stats #
4th Year Novice (?)

Crop: No-Name
Misc. Crops:
Cooked Recipes:
Fruit: No-Name
Herbs & Flowers: Popular

(Yak Milk: —)
Eggs: —<br fake ray ban sunglasses />Sheep Wool:
Alpaca Wool:
(Llama Wool: —)

Cooking: Executive Chef
Fishing: Novice Fisherman
Fish Trapping: Skilled Trapper
Critter Catching: Expert Catcher

Object Making: 
Town Builder
Shipping Money Made:
  Beginner Shipper
Blueprints Acquired:  Blueprint Collector 
Recipes Acquired:  Recipe Collector
Crop Types ray bans ale Harvested:  Crop Farmer 
Types Of Fish Caught: — (18)
Critter Types Caught:  Critter Farmer
Town Revitalizations: <img src="http://strawberry-milkshake.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/i_hmsilver.png" alt="" cheap nfl jerseys width=”10″ height=”10″ /> Frontier |  Landlord
Gifts To Harvest Goddess: — (3)
Times Traveled: — (1)
Clothes Collected: — (2)
Hairstyles Changed: — (1)

Won Crop Festivals:  Crop Festival Expert |  Crop Festival Novice
Won Cooking Festivals:
Won Bee Festivals:
Won Cow Festivals:
Won Chicken Festivals:
Won Sheep Festivals:
Won Alpaca Festivals:
Won Critter Contests:

Cows Acquired: — (2)
Chickens Acquired: — (4)
Sheep Acquired: — (2)
Alpacas Acquired: — (1)
Milk Collected:  Milk Expert | <img cheap ray bans src=”http://strawberry-milkshake.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/i_hmbronze.png” alt=”” width=”10″ height=”10″ /> Milk Beginner
Eggs Gathered:  Egg Expert |  Egg Beginner
Wool Collected: — (88)
Alpaca Wool Collected: — (16)

Honey Made: — (59)
Mushrooms Grown: — (36)
Giant Crops Harvested: — (4)
Crops Harvested:  Crop Beginner
Fruit Harvested: — (24)
Flowers Harvested:  Flower Beginner
Herbs Harvested: — (48)
Textiles Harvested: <img cheap oakleys src=”http://strawberry-milkshake.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/i_hmbronze.png” alt=”” width=”10″ height=”10″ /> Textile Beginner
Grains Harvested: — (56)
Paddy Crops Harvested: — (32)
Tea Leaves Harvested: — (20)

Shrimp Caught:singen (30)
Shellfish Caught: — (26)
Butterflies Caught:  Butterfly Expert |  Butterfly Beginner
Locusts Caught:  Locust Beginner 
Cicadas Caught: — (80)
Stag Beetles Caught: — (1)
Dragonflies Caught:  Dragonfly Beginner
Frogs Caught: — (27)
Bees Caught:  Bee-Ginner
Ladybugs Caught:  Ladybug Beginner

Music Played:  Music Expert |  Music Beginner 
Played Multiplayer:Movie (0)
Used Makers: — (95)
Ore Mined:  Mining Expert |  Mining Beginner
Items Foraged:  Foraging Master |  Foraging Expert |  Foraging Beginner 
Mountain Devices Used:  Mountain Expert |  Mountain Beginner
Poison Mushrooms Eaten: — (0)
Times Fainted: — (1) 

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