*DmC: Devil May Cry* / *Devil May Cry* 5 – A Pre-Analysis (PC | PS3 | X360)

Platforms: PC | PS3 | xbox360 [2]
Genres: Action, Beat’Em Up, Hack And Slash
Modes: Single Player [3]
Release Date: January 15th 2013 [2]

Developer: Ninja Theory [3]
Publisher: Capcom

Welcome to a co-operative article between *OnlyToukleth* and *FiyahKitteh*, two LPers who have been big fans of the *Devil May Cry* series since the dawn of time.

We want to give you a pre-analysis of the game, based on all the trailers, videos and reports that are already out thus far. Please enjoy and don’t forget to leave your own thoughts in the comment section below, if you would like.

# Game Story And Info #

This is what we know from the background story up to this point [1]: The two brothers were separated at birth and while Dante was put in an orphanage, Vergil had more luck and found a home with some pretty wealthy and educated parents. During his teenage years, the overly talented ‘Gil worked on a security program, which made him a multi-millionaire. The money was put in an organisation called “The Order”, which was founded by him to persecute demons and thus avenge his mother’s death. And this is exactly where – [3] in this part – 20 year old Dante comes in.

In other words [2]: This game’s story will be based on the brothers co-operating and trying to end the demonic domination over the world with Vergil’s underground movement.

[3] The whole game will be taking place in a sentient town called “Limbo City”, which is populated by demons and we furthermore know, that this whole instalment of *Devil May Cry* is playing in a parallel universe.

Producer Motohide Eshiro and Director Hideaki Itsuno promised that the game mechanics will remain the same [4] and that this game is a complete offshoot, which is meant to be a complementary title to the series. It means that “Classic Dante” may still come back again sometime, but it will strongly depend on the feedback from the fans in the end [5].

# Opinion: FiyahKitteh #

Now this all sounds pretty good, but here are the issues I have with *DMC5*.

From what I have researched, one of the big reasons why they revamped Dante, is because of the “massive losses” Capcom made in the US & Europe. They thus now wanted to make him look more “western” and play more into our aesthetical habits, so they can sell the franchise better [6].

Now aside from the fact that I don’t like the reason for the redesign too much – and as much as I shouldn’t be bothered because “it’s only a hairstyle they changed”(so to speak) – I just can’t help but feel like this is NOT Dante and thus NOT Devil May Cry.

To me personally, Dante is the guy with the white hair, who is so chill, over the top and cool, that they need to change the adjective-increment from “cool – cooler – the coolest” to “cool – cooler – Dante”. This whole thing – to me – looks like “Anonymous – The Demon Hunter Squad” (check the trailer at around 31min in the video below), not *Devil May Cry*.

Believe me when I say, that I am absolutely all FOR change and improvements, but this is just so odd and I am doing horrible to adapt, because outside of a few names, this is absolutely far away from the *DMC* universe. The only way I can even stand this as a being a *Devil May Cry* game, is by keep remembering that it plays in a different layer. Though, even then I am having a hard time.

I really feel like they should maybe have started this as a new series, for example in form of a “Devil May Cry – The Next Generation” title (which could have been going on parallel to the “original DMC”; or basically anything that would give them the chance to RENAME the characters (much like *Bayonetta*), instead of going with the old excuse of a “parallel universe”, especially when in reality they had more of “Western Sales” reasons [6].

I am aware that “Classic Dante” might still be around (even though I am not sure if I like the idea that – if basically nobody will demand him back – we might not ever see him again), but this just feels awkward to me. It just feels like a different game altogether, because “same game mechanics” doesn’t mean it’s from the same series. *Bayonetta* clearly showed that.

With that being said, the game is awesome, I like it and I’d get it, IF I’d buy it as a standalone title and not as a sequel or even addition to the *DMC* series. I think then it could be what it is: a pretty nice game, surely worth of a playthrough.

# Opinion: OnlyToukleth #

So I watch the video and take a good look at both, Dante and Vergil and my brain dies a little inside:

Okay, woah woah woah. Hold up! Why do they look different? Why does Vergil sound like a wimp? Why does Dante have black hair? Why does the setting seem pseudo futuristic? What the hell happened?!

I watched the ending of the DmC: Devil May Cry (5) Demon video and also read the information that FiyahKitteh has collected about the game:
Okay. Vergil wears a mask, has his voice disguised, and talks about corruption in “limbo city”? Is this “Anonymous: The Movie The Game The Sequel to the Prequel”? Think about it, that’s /exactly/ what it is. The Order is basically a complete knockoff of Anonymous (admittedly kinda neat) but.. HUH?! WHY?!
Is this a serious situation you can see in the DMC games?

Lastly, I read /why/ they changed Dante’s and Vergil’s look:
Due to losses? Really Capcom? Do you think you’ll make more money if you basically DESTROY what Dante and Vergil looked like? You’re basically smacking about 80% of the DMC community right in the face. Do you think this’ll really work? It’s already turned me off a bit from buying your game. I’m sure 20% will still blindly buy it (heck, I might… even though you did smack me in the face. I suppose I’m an idiot.)

This isn’t a sequel. This is more like a second universe.. Hell, this doesn’t even feel like it should be part of the DMC universe at all. If you took away the title and the characters names…you wouldn’t know who they were or anything about the game. You would’ve just thought this was “Anonymous : The Movie The Game The Sequel to the Prequel”.

We would very much love to hear your personal thoughts and inputs and will thus leave you with a 33-minute video of the new game. Please enjoy!


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